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Troubleshooting CAPTCHA errors when completing the form


If problems arise when trying to complete the online form, (see the image below for an example), you can try one the solutions listed below.


Alternatively, you can contact us at and email the information. When doing so, please ensure you include all the information that is required on the online form.

Solutions for troubleshooting CAPTCHA:

  1. Reload the page.

  2. Check your browser is up to date with the newest version.

  3. Clear your cache and cookies. Find steps on how to do this for different browsers:

    1. Chrome

    2. Firefox

    3. Safari

    4. Microsoft Edge

  4. Disable Ad Blockers:

Go settings for your ad blocker or pop-up blockers and add to the allowed sites list ("whitelist" or "allow ads"). Check your ad blocker's support site for more instructions.

   5. Use incognito mode.


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